The Go Forth & Clyde Repair Shop cabin has arrived!

May 16, 2022

The new venue for the Repair Shop at Lock 16 has arrived! Go Forth & Clyde took delivery of the new cabin in April, and it is now in place next to the charity’s base on the banks of the canal. The Go Forth & Clyde team has wasted no time, with the outside of the cabin already painted in the charity’s colours.

The Go Forth & Clyde Repair Shop will focus on repairing, reusing and recycling items that might otherwise end up in the bin. One big difference is that the Forth & Clyde Repair Shop will focus on items found along the canal banks or brought in for repair by members of the local community. These items will be repaired or reused before being returned to their owners or sold on to raise funds for the charity.

Open to everyone, the Repair Shop will be a place to learn new skills, help improve the local environment and support net-zero activity in the area. For all potential and actual DIY enthusiasts out there, activities will focus on carpentry and how to use power tools, as well as bike maintenance and repair, container gardening, crafts and sewing, and canal skills.

Getting ready to open

There’s lots of work still to do before the Repair Shop is ready to open its doors to the public. With funding from the UK Government Community Renewal Fund supporting the initial set up, the next stage of the project is to kit out the inside of the cabin. Work benches and tools are needed, plus skilled volunteers have to be recruited to staff the Shop.

When it opens, the new Repair Shop will be an exciting addition to Lock 16. It will deliver important social, environmental, and economic benefits to the Camelon and Tamfourhill communities. People using the Shop will gain new skills and confidence that could help them find new job and volunteering opportunities. They’ll also be helping their community and local environment too. Plus, some old and unloved items will be saved from landfill and hopefully given a new lease of life.

Look out for more updates on Falkirk Canal Connections social media channels as the project progresses. And if you have skills and experience in carpentry, power tool usage or bike repair, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!